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Are you looking for Winter Servicing for your vehicle?

Winters in the UK are known for biting cold temperatures and extreme snowfall. Therefore, to ensure optimal driving experience and on-road safety in such challenging situations, you must opt for a comprehensive winter vehicle check from a reliable garage like Binley Woods Service Centre Rugby.

Our facility provides a cost-effective and reliable winter servicing Rugby that will let your vehicle face the challenges of the severe winter season efficiently. Our garage has all the advanced machinery and technologies needed to inspect all vital vehicle parts. Further, our efficient team of mechanics offers prompt solutions within the shortest waiting time.

What does our Winter Servicing entail?

The services covered under our winter check Rugby are as follows:

Vehicle tyre condition check

The risks of tyre sliding increase with frequent snowfall on UK winter roadways. Therefore, we will check whether or not your vehicle has the right set of winter tyres. Further, we will also check if your vehicle tyres have at least 1.6mm of tread depth. If we find they do not have adequate tread depth, we will replace them with superior-quality tyres from our tyre inventory with your consent.

Vehicle battery checks

Due to the extreme drop in temperature, the battery system tends to malfunction. Biting cold temperatures negatively affect battery performance and efficiency, leading to several discrepancies. Consequently, our technicians carefully examine all parts of a vehicle battery, such as the terminals, wires, charging system, cables, and more. On finding any issues, we will offer cost-effective replacement solutions with OE-grade spares. Additionally, we check the battery fluid and ensure it is within the optimum level. If not, we refill the fluid appropriately.

Coolant and antifreeze check

We thoroughly check if the coolant or antifreeze level is within the recommended levels. If the coolant level is insufficient, engine performance will be affected due to the heat produced during combustion. Therefore, to maintain excellent engine performance, our experts ensure a 50:50 ratio of the antifreeze and coolant mixture.

Engine oil level check

If the engine oil is not within the recommended level, the parts of an engine system will fail to function smoothly. Hence, our winter servicing Rugby also comprises engine oil checks. We will refill the fluid with the best seasonal variant if the engine oil level is not optimal.

Hence, you can stop searching for ‘winter check services near me’ and come to our garage.

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