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Vehicle owners looking for authorised class 4 MOT testing centres for MOT Rugby can now conclude their search with Binley Woods Service Centre.

Stationed at Unit 2, Prospect Park, Valley Drive, Rugby, CV21 1TF, we are a DVSA-accredited garage with years of experience in performing Class 4 MOT assessments for your vehicle. Being approved and certified by the RAC, AA, and many other acclaimed bodies, we only employ highly qualified and experienced technicians for DVSA-standard MOT test Rugby.

MOT or the Ministry of Transport is a mandatory annual assessment to check the roadworthiness and environmental standards of every vehicle in the UK. Once your vehicle completes its 3rd year since registration, you must take it for this assessment every year. Vehicles moving- and even parking on the road without a valid MOT pass certificate are charged with hefty penalties.

Why Choose Us For class 4 MOT Rugby

At Binley Woods Service Centre, we provide MOT checks for the following Class 4 vehicles:

  • 12-passenger seat private vehicles
  • 8-passenger seat cars
  • Ambulances
  • Motorcaravans
  • 3-wheeled vehicles over 450 kg unladen weight, etc.

With a team of experienced MOT engineers, we follow the standard guidelines while assessing your vehicle’s roadworthiness. Moreover, we offer pre-MOT Rugby so that you can get the necessary repairs done before appearing for the final assessment.

We begin the procedure by checking your vehicle's MOT history followed by inspection of some crucial vehicle components.

Some of them are listed below:


Damaged or worn-out tyres are one of the primary reasons for MOT failure. Therefore, we inspect the condition of your current tyres for visible damage and adequate tread depth.


Braking inefficiency leads to compromised driving safety which can lead to serious accidents. As a reputed MOT test centre Rugby, we inspect all the brake components while assessing your vehicle’s roadworthiness. It includes rotors, callipers, master cylinders, brake pads, brake discs and so on.


One of the crucial aspects of MOT clearance is to maintain the environmental standards of your vehicle. A faulty exhaust system holds back your vehicle from meeting the legal Euro emission standards. Thus, we inspect the exhaust components like the catalytic converter, tail pipe, exhaust manifold, oxygen sensors, etc., to assess the exhaust functionality. An accurate emission test will be carried separately during the MOT Rugby test.

We also inspect the following components:

  • Wheels
  • Wiper Blades
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Lights
  • Battery
  • Mirrors and Windows
  • Seats And Seatbelts
  • Number plates
  • VIN
  • Internal & External Locks
  • Vehicle body condition

To name only a few.

During the inspection, we note down all the results. In case no- or only minor issues were found, we will certify your vehicle with a VT20 (pass) certificate. If we find major or dangerous faults, we will issue a VT30 (fail) certificate.

Note: Vehicles receiving a VT30 certificate need to be repaired and undergo a partial re-test afterwards in order to receive a VT20 certificate.

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