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The Importance of DPF Clean and Regeneration

All Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) require regular maintenance. If left unattended you may experience a reduced performance of your vehicle which can then lead to a hefty bill and in need of a new DPF, this can be a costly solution. Here at Andrews Garage we have the latest equipment where we are able to take off and clean your existing DPF and restore it like new.

  • Prevent engine component failures
  • Restore vehicle power + performance
  • Save money on potentially expensive repairs
  • Increase fuel efficiency giving you more MPG
  • Reduce exhaust smoke / Resolve MOT emissions failures
  • Reduce engine noise / Smoother engine

DPF Blockage and Regeneration

Usually around every 300 miles or so the DPF will regenerate by super-heating the filter to burn off the contaminated particles that collect there as soot and ash. Most of the soot is then expelled through the exhaust as finer particles of harmless ash. However, it has been found that the regeneration process leaves residual ash behind in the filter. Each time a regeneration occurs more particles will build over time in the filter.
Over time carbon will block the DPF and cause several issues with your engine. The Carbon-Clean DPF ProClean Treatment, when used alongside our DCS machines, is a fast and cost effective way to completely clean and protect any DPF.

Before the DPF is unblocked by our specialist machine, we use our Stage 1 solution. This uniquely formulated solution is added to safely lift impurities from the Diesel Particulate Filter(DPFJ. This powerful pre-service treatment is very effective and leads to a deep clean in conjunction with our state-of-the-art machines.
Unlike other cleaning products, this uses nano-catalytic technology to loosen up the soot, ash and other impurities within just 20 minutes. These impurities react with the solution as it’s soaked inside the DPF breaking down the atomic bonds that make them solid particulates which are usually difficult to break down.
Quite simply it softens the hard Carbon deposits, and thus ensures a deeper clean of the DPF.

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