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Are you looking for Gearbox Repair Service for your vehicle?

Binley Woods Service Centre offers comprehensive Automatic gearbox repair Rugby service at affordable rates, for all major car makes and models like:

  • BMW
  • Mercedes- Benz
  • Audi
  • Ford
  • Jaguar
  • Land Rover
  • Mitsubishi
  • Vauxhall
  • Volvo, etc.

We are among the most preferred garages in the area for "automatic gearbox repair in Rugby" searches. Here's why!

Our team of highly competent technicians use standard techniques to inspect all the following gearbox components to detect the concern.

  • Clutch shaft
  • Countershaft
  • Gears
  • Bearings
  • Main shaft

While doing so, they employ best-in-class tools for precision and accuracy. Further, they can deal with the common faulty gearbox signs such as:

Difficulty In Shifting Gears

Does it take time to shift gears while accelerating? This can be due to low gearbox fluid, damaged sensor, worn-out shift cable, or clutch linkage, etc. In such situations, our gearbox professionals Rugby will adjust the shift cable or clutch linkage, fix the sensor, or refill the gearbox fluid, as required.

Low Gearbox Fluid

You can check under your car for gearbox fluid leakage. If found, address it to a reliable garage like ours.

Our experts will check if it occurred due to a broken gasket or seal, loose bolts, cracked transmission casing, or worn-out drain seal. Based on that, they will perform the best course of action.

Loss Of Power

Do you notice a delay in your car's acceleration? This can happen due to damaged clutch plates, oil leakage, or faulty master cylinder. Such an issue demands a car gearbox repairs service Rugby from a dependable garage like ours.

Strange Noises While Shifting Gears

This occurs because of low gearbox fluid, worn-out gears, or damaged bearings. For such concerns, our technicians will provide OE-grade replacement services or refill the gearbox fluid, as required.

Burning Smell

Do you get a burning smell every time you engage your vehicle's transmission? This can happen due to several reasons and thus requires the immediate attention of our highly qualified gearbox specialists Rugby for accurate solutions.

Blocked Transmission Filter

Over time, gearbox components undergo tear and damage that leads to accumulation of dirt on the transmission fluid. This will prevent the fluid from lubricating your car’s gearbox.

Are you worried about the cost involved? We facilitate the convenience of payment assist through which you can pay the entire bill into 4 interest-free interests.

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Upon noticing any of these signs, visit our garage at Unit 2, Prospect Park, Valley Drive, Rugby, CV21 1TF, to avail exceptional car automatic gearbox repair Rugby. To get quotes, you can give us a call on 01788 877447.

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