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Are you looking for Emission Specialist for your vehicle?

Vehicle emission level norms in the United Kingdom are strict and ensure maximum pollution control. As an owner, you should know that if your car's emission level is not within the Euro standards, it will surely fail the annual MOT, increasing the odds of severe penalties.

We, Binley Woods Service Centre Rugby, are a reliable emission specialist Rugby and offer the service at the most affordable rate. Further, we provide this service for both petrol and diesel-powered vehicles. Our mechanics are adept with the updated Euro 6 standards and follow industry best practices while conducting the emission check Rugby.

What are the different emission standards in the United Kingdom?

The European Union brought in several regulatory guidelines to reduce environmental pollution caused by harmful exhaust gases, such as:

  • NOx (Nitrogen oxides)
  • HC (Hydrocarbons)
  • Particulate matter
  • CO (Carbon monoxide)

Over time, the EU emission regulations have changed, and every vehicle must comply with the emission standards per the year of manufacture. Here is a list of the emission standards per the vehicle registration year:

  • Euro 1: All newly registered cars from 1992
  • Euro 2: All vehicles registered from 1997
  • Euro 3: All automobiles registered from 2001
  • Euro 4: All motorcars manufactured from 2006 onwards
  • Euro 5: All vehicles with registration after 2011
  • Euro 6: All automobiles registered from 2015

At our facility, we do emission checks Rugby for all the Euro standards based on the year of registration.

About our emission-checking process

We follow the government-recommended process while conducting this service which includes the following steps:

  • Before beginning the service, we will ensure that your vehicle has enough coolant, engine oil and fuel to carry out the test.
  • Then, we will check whether the vehicle engine is at optimum operating temperature. We will do this using an oil temperature probe.
  • After these preliminary tests, we will park your vehicle in a neutral position, increase the engine speed to half its maximum speed and hold it for twenty seconds.
  • Then, if we see dense black or purple smoke from your car exhaust pipe, your vehicle will fail the test.
  • Further, to ensure the most accurate results, we will use an approved emission level analyser to assess the concentration of the harmful gases in the exhaust gases.
  • Finally, we will let you know the test results and suggest necessary repairs and replacements, if required.

Hence, look no further for an ‘exhaust emission specialist near me’ and come to us!

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