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Are you looking for Batteries for your vehicle?

A dying or exhausted car battery can lead to issues with the ignition and affect the smooth functioning of the various electrical components necessary for optimal driving comfort and safety.

Does your car headlight appear dim lately?

It is a sign that the vehicle battery is nearing the end of its service life. Come to Binley Woods Service Centre for reliable and prompt service of battery replacement Rugby and put an end to all car battery-related problems.

What are the reasons behind a failing car battery?

Here are some of the main reasons behind a failing car battery:

  • Car sitting idle for a long time
  • Taking frequent short trips in your vehicle
  • Damaged battery terminals
  • Unfavourable temperatures during the winter months
  • Defects in the battery charging system

When should you opt for our service?

There are some potent signs of car battery failure. If you notice these signs, you should bring us your car for battery replacement service Rugby.

Dimming Headlights

If you find that the car headlights are getting dimmer, reach us for a battery check. Dim headlights can affect your visibility and lead to safety-related incidents.

Bloated battery case

When the car battery starts degrading, it tends to heat up. In such cases, the battery case gets bloated. If you notice such a sign, immediately bring in your vehicle for the service of car battery replacement Rugby.

Malfunctioning of electrical components

The car battery is responsible for the optimum functioning of your vehicle’s electrical components. Thus, if it is malfunctioning or dying, it is natural for all the electrical components in the automotive to start failing as well.

Flashing check engine light

If you notice that the check engine light on the dashboard is on, it implies something wrong with the car battery. You can bring in your vehicle and let us inspect the matter.

Clicking Sound When Starting The Engine

If you hear a clicking sound when attempting to turn on the engine, remember that it can be due to a battery issue. Visit us for a car battery replacement Rugby to solve this issue.

Why Choose Us?

Our experts check the following car battery component when you visit us for a battery replacement service:

  • Charging point
  • Wires
  • Cables
  • Battery terminals, etc.

After detecting the issues, they will replace the faulty car battery at competitive rates. You can book an appointment for battery servicing with us online on your preferred date.

End your search for ‘battery replacement services near me’ by calling us on 01788 877447.

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