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Are you looking for Brake Repair Rugby for your vehicle?

Does your vehicle nosedive when you apply the brakes?

It can signify a grave issue in the braking system. Come to Binley Woods Service Centre for a professional brake repair Rugby. We are a trusted facility conducting top-grade car services at highly competitive rates for most vehicles.

What are the symptoms of a failing brake system?

Visit us for a brake inspection when you notice these symptoms:

  • Car drifting to one side
  • Brake light flashing on the dashboard
  • Screeching sounds while applying the brakes
  • Zero or low resistance on the brake pedal
  • Brakes responding slowly

When you notice any of the above signs, you should bring your vehicle to us for brake pad replacement Rugby. It will help you avoid high repair and replacement costs in future.

What are the causes of a malfunctioning braking system?

If your car’s brakes are malfunctioning, here are the probable reasons:

Brake fluid loss

Cracks or faults in your vehicle’s braking line can result in the loss of brake fluid and give rise to braking issues. Moreover, with time, the brake fluid degrades and loses efficiency. It needs to be drained and refilled for your car’s brakes to function right again.

Driving on congested roads

Regularly driving on congested roads is a leading cause of brake malfunction. As you have to frequently apply the brakes after travelling a short distance, it accelerates the wear and tear of the braking components.

Overheating of brake pads

The brake pads in your car tend to get hard and brittle with excessive use. It generally happens due to the heat generated with excessive use. It loses its ability to grip the wheel’s rotor disk and thus increases your vehicle’s stopping distance.

Moreover, brake components tend to wear out with time. So, make sure to opt for a regular check of the braking system components. Come to us for reliable service of brake pad replacement Rugby.

Why opt for our brake replacement service?

We do the following when you visit us for a brake pad replacement service:

  • Top up of brake fluid if necessary
  • Online booking facility
  • Team of highly experienced professionals
  • Inspection of brake components and replacement with OE-grade spares

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