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The function of a car AC is not limited to regulating the temperature inside the cabin. It also protects the car cabin from dirt accumulation and fungus. Besides, it controls humidity levels and offers a clean and healthy cabin experience. So, a car AC is a crucial component that needs a routine check-up and professional care.

If you are looking for reliable air-con check Rugby, look no further than Binley Woods Service Centre. We are a certified automobile facility that offers efficient air-con services at an affordable range. You can visit our facility at Unit 2, Prospect Park, Valley Drive, Rugby, CV21 1TF, UK on noticing any malfunctioning in your car’s AC.

What are the signs of a faulty car AC?

Your car AC can run optimally for years with a routine check-up and refrigerant top-up. However, if you notice any of the following signs, do not delay visiting us for an car air Conditioning service Rugby:

Reduced cooling efficiency

The first and obvious sign of a faulty AC is its diminished cooling effect. If you notice relatively hot air blowing out from the car AC, reach a trusted facility at once for an air-con inspection Rugby.

Unpleasant odour in the car cabin

A faulty AC leads to mould build-up in the vents and produces a foul smell in the car cabin. Any such symptoms need immediate attention to maintain optimum air-con performance and a healthy cabin atmosphere.

Grinding noise

Are you hearing squealing noises while turning on the car AC?

This weird noise indicates the AC needs an immediate inspection. Consider visiting a trusted facility like ours for reliable car air Conditioning service Rugby at affordable rates.

How do we conduct AC servicing?

We offer a professional air-con service to end your ‘air-con servicing near me’ searches. Check out the steps we follow:

  • We will inspect the faulty air-con components closely
  • Our professionals will replace the defective parts with OE-grade spares
  • We will also top up the refrigerant level with R134 or R1234yf, depending on the car model

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